Smart Slerps are hybrid smoothies created from fun & healthy, slerpalicious ingredients!

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What are Smart Slerps? Smart Slerps are hybrid smoothies (also known as smoothees) made from fun and healthy slerpalicious ingredients!

Smart Slerps must ALWAYS contain vegetables Ė thatís what makes them SMART. But they also contain fun ingredients, such as yogurt, peanut butter, coffee, a variety of fruits and nut butters, and an optional sweetener Ė thatís what makes them FUN. Combine the smart ingredients with the fun ingredients and you have something that can only be called--------------->

Slerpalicious Baby!

Please visit our links for smoothie and SmartSlerps recipes: Green Smart Slerp , Fountain of Youth Smart Slerp, Coffee Smart Slerp. It is now established that antioxidants slow down the evidence of aging! Free radicals damage cells within your body that are vital to a youthful appearance and excellent health. Eating fruits and vegetables can decelerate the loss of muscle elasticity that leads to wrinkles, it can boost immunity which can make you less susceptible to illnesses, and reduce memory failure, as free radicals injure the brain cells necessary for retaining information. Antioxidants are the most potent when found in whole foods. The best practice is to combine leafy vegetables, like spinach and collard greens, with orange colored fruits and vegetables such as mangos, oranges, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes and carrots which are all excellent sources of the antioxidant beta-carotene. Fruits and vegetables containing lycopene, such as tomatoes, watermelon, guava, papaya, apricots and pink grapefruit, are also packed with antioxidants.

It is important that when you purchase fruits and vegetables that you shop in the organic section of the store. On average, organic produce contains nearly 30% more nutrients than non-organic produce and is grown without using harsh chemicals that might lead to further free radical exposure.

The purpose of our website is to influence more people to try hybrid smoothies, called Smart Slerps, which will include both veggies and fruits, yogurt and nut butters for a well balanced, powerful, nutrient packed, slerpalicious meal at least 3 or 4 times a week for a healthier, more satisfied, stronger you! If you are like I have been all my life, then vegetables have been a neglected part of your diet. That no longer needs to be the case. I have discovered that veggies can be amazing, and I want you to experience the delicious and beneficial Smart Slerp Smoothies.

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